Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Te quiero Madrid!

Madrid, Spain is one of the countries/cities I live in. It is without doubt one of my favorite places in the world. Yea it gets hot and there is no sea during summer but the people, the atmosphere, the food, the culture, the architecture and the language!

When work is done, and this is latish in Spain, it is no place near time to head home. Instead you gather up with friends to have tapas and enjoy a drink,and be prepared, an all nighter out even during the weekdays is not rare. Sleeping is clearly not a top priority in Madrid.

And then there is the shopping and the  museums and art galleries to visit. Spa's and the fantastic Retiro park and the countless restaurants...


  1. Madrid is awesome, no doubt about that. :)

    xx Kaisa

  2. I'm from Madrid! Let me know if you need some tips!