Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Going Asian

I am converting to Asian, well at least if you look at my food intake the last couple of days. I eat out pretty much everyday. I love to cook, but I am basically never at home. I am one busy girl. Although eating out is mostly nice and you save yourself the trouble cooking, it is also tricky. It is not always easy to find a well cooked healthy meal. That's why I love Asian food, it is (pretty much) always delicious.

Today's lunch went down Japanese style

Last night's dinner consisted of a vietnamese pho. It is my all time
 favorite dish. It's a broth rice-noodle soup with meat and herbs.


  1. I've been scared of pho but have been wanting to try it! Tips for first timers?

    1. You should def try it! Go for one with chicken as a start. It is much milder in taste and you can add however much herbs you like and some drops of sriracha sauce to spice it up like you wish! =)

  2. That seems yummy! I have my mouth watering!